Today we’re going to review the 2016 Tifosi Pro Escalate S.H.F Range of eyewear.  The S.F.H. stands for “shield”, “full” and “half” and as you can probably already gather this indicates what style of frame configuration you can choose.  This kit is an interchangeable lens wear system.  It comes with carrying case and travel bag.

To start, we’re always looking for value when reviewing anything here at BunchSprint.  The Tifosi Escalate S.H.F. glasses retail for $149 US.  You can also purchase the Tifosi Escalate in other kits such as the Escalate H.S.  (half and shield) and the Escalate S.F (shield and full).

So let’s get started with the review;

Frame Features:

  • Grilamid TR-90 Frame. This is a very light durable nylon material that Tifosi claims resists chemical and UV damage.
  • Adjustable Ear and Nose Pieces.
  • Hydrophilic Rubber. This is something we’ve never heard of however the rubber used on the ear and nose pieces actually increase their grip the more you sweat so as to prevent slipping. This is very much a welcomed feature as other glasses we’ve used that don’t have rubber nose pieces do indeed start to slide down our face when riding during hard hot efforts.

Lens Features:

  • UVA/UVB Protection. Like most high end eyewear all of Tifosi lenses provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays.
  • All lenses are constructed from scratch-resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate.
  • The lenses that came with our Pro Escalate kit were all with the exception of the Shield configuration. We prefer vented lenses as in our riding area it tends to get very humid for most of the year. Any stopping and we fog up almost immediately. Not a problem with these lenses.
  • Optically decentered lenses. This means the elimination of distortion and prevents magnification.
  • Glare Guard. This is Tifosi’s proprietary lens coating that reduces eye strain.

Weights and Widths:

During my testing of any eyewear I’m always concerned about how it will fit users with larger heads.   I have a rather large head so I may not the best model to be testing against but then again maybe I am.  This being said, the Tifosi Pro Escalates did fit me fine and should fit just about anyone.  They were not tight or too snug and didn’t press into the side of my temple or above my ear.  There was plenty of clearance between the arms and face when wearing these over the straps of my helmet.

According to Tifoso the clearance of the shield is 140mm from hinge to hinge.  141mm hinge to hinge using the full frame configuration and the half frame configuration.

The claimed weight of each fully wearable configuration is dead on according to my scale.  The shield weighs in at 29g.  The full at 31g and our favorite configuration the half weighs in at 30g.

Colors and Options:

You can purchase the Escalate Pro kit in either Matte Carbon or Gloss Black color options.  Depending on which color option you choose this will determine the color of lenses provided.  Both color options include Black (smoke), AC Red and clear lenses.  The matte black features the clarion red shield and the gloss black features the clarion blue lenses.  You do have the option of purchasing additional lenses individually in various colors and with polarized options.  The kit that was provided to me was the matte black carbon which I think looks very sharp.

Our Testing:

Our testing wasn’t very scientific rather it was very simple.  We just rode in them a lot!  We rode night rights, day rides, long rides, short fast rides, wet rides and early morning foggy rides.  Overall these glasses, regardless of the configuration we chose, worked very well and honestly they were hardly noticeable on our face.  There was no nose pressure, no slipping, no side pressure nothing.

My preferred configuration surprisingly was the half-frame.  Personally I’m a big fan of Oakley Jawbones and Race jackets and initially thought I would really like the full frame however when using the full frame, I felt the overall area of the glasses were a little bit less than the area of my preferred Oakley glasses.  This didn’t mean I didn’t like them; I could just tell the difference.  However, when I used the half-frame configuration this all changed.  I was back in my comfort zone again.  They covered the area around my eyes very well.  In fact, I’d say they fit me better than my Oakley’s using the half-frame configuration.

My second favorite frame configuration was the shield option.  Again I think this was due to my preference of being able to have a larger field of vision when compared to the full frame.  The full frame configuration does in fact reduce the field of vision around the lenses primarily because of the full frame plastic itself.  It’s simply my preference.


All 3 frame configurations worked well.  We did not have any frame slipping from our face or issues changing the arms from lenses type to the next.  The arm connection to the lenses was extremely snug and left us feeling confident that they would stay together.  We find that the Tifosi Escalate Pro S.F.H. kit is a fantastic value considering if you were to purchase the style of frames the Escalate kit offers individually you’d shell out much more than the $149 retail price.  We think we’ve found ourselves our new favorite eyewear kit in the Tifosi Escalate.

We’d like to thank Erin @ Tifosi Optics for supplying us with our test sample.  Tifosi stands behind their products.  If you’d like to see more about the Tifosi Escalate Pro S.F.H. kit, please see our unboxing video  below and also check out Tifosi’s website.