NOW Helmet Zappi Review

When I first saw the Aero Zappi helmet I couldn’t keep my gaze off of the futuristic looks and styling of this helmet.  It was definitely something much different in terms of appearance than what I’ve been riding with for the past 10 years.  I’ve ridden just about every helmet brand out there such as [...]

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5 cycling items to stock up on.

Over the course of your cycling adventures it's sometimes wise to have a stash of commonly used items for you or your bike.  Listed here are 5 items we think everyone should stock up on when they find them on sale and absolutely will be used at some point. Tubes: You should [...]

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Newest Bicycle Tech for 2016

2016 is going to be a good year for new technology such as heads up displays, training and wireless drive train technology from SRAM.  Today we'll show you a little bit of what we've been reading about from various manufacturers. Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS smartwatch with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution [...]

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2016 Tifosi Pro Escalate S.F.H. Review

Today we’re going to review the 2016 Tifosi Pro Escalate S.H.F Range of eyewear.  The S.F.H. stands for “shield”, “full” and “half” and as you can probably already gather this indicates what style of frame configuration you can choose.  This kit is an interchangeable lens wear system.  It comes with carrying case and travel bag. [...]

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Tifosi Pro Escalate S.F.H. Unboxing Video

We recently received from our friends at Tifosi the Escalate Pro S.F.H interchangeable sunglasses.  We think for the value they provide these might be our new favorite sunglasses.  Full review coming soon, until then check out the video and some words from Tifosi on their new specs. ADAPTABLE. SEAMLESS. MULTIPLE OPTIONS. TIFOSI PRO [...]

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Best $10 Bicycle Brake Light – Sigma Brake Light

When it comes to safety on a bicycle most of us already know that a helmet is a requirement and so is a properly maintained bicycle.  During the darker hours and fall season it’s time to break out the front headlights and rear tail lights to increase visibility.  Many lights are categorized or judged based [...]

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Budget Bike Parts – Online Swap Meet – Facebook Groups

When it comes to shopping for a new bicycle or bicycle parts nothing supports the local economy and bicycle scene more than purchasing at your local bike shop (LBS) but what if you’re looking for an older part, a discontinued part or maybe some spare parts that you need to make a complete set of [...]

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