Boyd Cycling have been working on a new version of their popular Rouleur wheels and they are almost ready to ship. For 2016 the Rouleur is getting a big makeover compared to the previous generation Rouleur (which has been around since Boyd has been around).  Boyd is now adding a welded seam to the Rouleur rims. Yes, it’s a big deal for a wheel that is considered the “economy” model to have a welded seam.  Boyd are also upgrading the hubs to the same great hubs that are found on their higher end Altamonts and all of the carbons. The hub has Boyd’s awesome pre-load tightening system.  The rims are getting wider and shallower but not quite as wide as the Altamont, the new Rouleur rim is 21mm wide and 28mm deep. The shape is also improved from the previous V-shaped rim.

All these added features are a nice touch and because of this the price will be going up a bit, but at $500 for the set with the changes, this is still an extremely good value for this super durable wheel set.

for more visit the Boyd Cycling Website.

  • Upgraded Hubs to match those of the higher end Altamont and carbon wheel sets.
  • 21mm wide and 28mm depth for 2016.
  • Welded rim seams.