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What is Retul bike fit?

I’m sure I’m like most fitness cyclists when I say I think my bike fit is perfect for me. I mean, I’ve been riding for years with no significant pain or discomfort. I’ve had the occasional hot spot on my feet, the occasional numbing of the nether regions but I don’t get these sensations all the time. I’ve been online [...]

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Bunch Sprint Video Intro

We're happy with how this came out.  We wanted a nice video intro for all our videos.  We asked the folks over at TechVudu if they could help us.  Fortunately they also have a website, graphics and media site called GraphicVudu that we're able to help us out.  We wanted something that would give the impression of "motion" and "movement".  We [...]

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Lumos Bicycle Helmet

We've seen a few helmets with integrated lights such as those from Lazer, but nothing like what Lumos has developed. The Lumos helmet has integrated head lights and brake and turn lights on the back. For under $100 this looks like a great combination of safety and visibility for not only your head but for you and others. Hurry up, [...]

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