Newest Bicycle Tech for 2016

2016 is going to be a good year for new technology such as heads up displays, training and wireless drive train technology from SRAM.  Today we'll show you a little bit of what we've been reading about from various manufacturers. Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS smartwatch with a sunlight-readable, high-resolution [...]

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Red Bull Video: Kaleidoscope: See Things Differently (4K)

Kriss Kyle is widely regarded as one of the most unique and creative BMX riders of his generation, and Kaleidoscope is his most ambitious project to date. This film sees the young Scot perform a number of world’s first tricks, in an ever-changing environment that isn’t quite what it seems leading to a ground-breaking BMX [...]

Red Bull Video: Kaleidoscope: See Things Differently (4K)2021-06-21T17:49:57+00:00

Tifosi Pro Escalate S.F.H. Unboxing Video

We recently received from our friends at Tifosi the Escalate Pro S.F.H interchangeable sunglasses.  We think for the value they provide these might be our new favorite sunglasses.  Full review coming soon, until then check out the video and some words from Tifosi on their new specs. ADAPTABLE. SEAMLESS. MULTIPLE OPTIONS. TIFOSI PRO [...]

Tifosi Pro Escalate S.F.H. Unboxing Video2021-06-21T17:49:57+00:00

BeeLine – Urban “fuzzy” smart navigation.

BeeLine is a handlebar-mounted device that helps you find your way on a bike. It strips back navigation to the bare basics, turning convention completely on its head and resurfacing your natural instinct to find the way. This looks like a very novel idea for urban cyclists.  Basically it's compassed based navigation that allows you [...]

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Lezyne Super GPS Overview

The Super GPS is truly a super computer. It simultaneously utilizes ANT+™ and Bluetooth® Smart, allowing for synchronization with iOS/Android devices, power meters, heart rate straps and speed/cadence sensors. Notification of incoming phone calls, texts and emails (with actual message text) are displayed on the computer’s large, sharp monitor, along with power, heart rate [...]

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Bunch Sprint Video Intro

We're happy with how this came out.  We wanted a nice video intro for all our videos.  We asked the folks over at TechVudu if they could help us.  Fortunately they also have a website, graphics and media site called GraphicVudu that we're able to help us out.  We wanted something that would give the impression [...]

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